Al Hamdolellah! Allam Iqbal Open University has recently entered in high excellence of education through digital transformation successfully. Examinations Department has a key role in the organizational structure of Allama Iqbal Open University. Since Examinations are a part of growth of students and play essential role in knowledge and capability testing, it develops a sense of responsibility among students to learn and present the learned concepts. In order to make the students of AIOU to attain the same level of knowledge and capability, the Examinations department of Allama Iqbal Open University is performing its role in Conduct of exams, evaluation of answer scripts, compilation and declaration of results to issuance of certificates & degrees and their verifications, from SSC to PhD level, since 1974. The department is maintaining its sanctity through strict and transparent procedures to maintain the secrecy and enhance the efficiency. The department is headed by Controller of Examinations, further divided into different sub sections, each headed by respective Additional Controller of Exams. The examinations department of AIOU has now become an integral part of digital transformation of integrated projects comprised of CMS, LMS and ERP, which enabled the AIOU to achieve high excellence of education, delivery of content to students and transformation of knowledge and learning with technological aids and supports as per the demands of todays changed world.


The main sections of examinations department are as following:

Secrecy Section:

Secrecy Section is one of the most sensitive section of the examinations department. The Secrecy section includes Question Paper Section (Setting, Printing and Dispatch of Question Papers to all the Exam Centers), Answer Scripts Section (Keeping the record of blank and used Answer Scripts, Issuance, and reception of solved answer books and the arrangement of the evaluation process). The section is secured with all prerequisites in terms of secrecy and security as per the demand of the section.

Conduct Section:

The conduct section has manifolds duties and responsibilities to performs its functions. The Conduct Section conducts the examinations with the help of Regional Officers and Academic Department. It prepares the data sheets, appoints the supervisory staff in addition to performing other activities i.e., allocates exam centers to the students and issues Roll No. slips. It is further divided into two Sub-sections including Material and Billing Sections. The Section is performing its inward and outward responsibilities diligently.

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