Examinations General Information


The Examinations Department is the vital part of Allama Iqbal Open University. This department is associated with the different activities that are ranging from the Secrecy, Conduct, Evaluation, Compilation, Normalization and Announcement of Results to the Issuance of Certificates / Degrees and Verification of credentials.

Examinations General Information

The main Sections of Examinations departments are as following: -
1. Secrecy Section:
The Secrecy section includes:
a. Question Paper Section (Setting, Printing and Dispatch of Question Papers to all the Exam Centers).
b. Answer Scripts Section (Keeping the record of blank and used Answer Scripts, Issuance and reception of solved answer books & the arrangement of evaluation process).

2. Conduct Section
The Conduct Section conducts the examinations with the help of Regional Offices.
a. Conduct section prepares the date sheets, appoints of supervisory staff, etc)
b. Allocation of Exam Centers to students and issuance of Roll No.Slips.
c. Material Section dispatches the Answer Scripts to the centers.
d. Billing Section processes all kinds of bills including supervisory staff and evaluators.

3. Result Section
The Result Section performs the following activities:
a. Properly compiles the programme wise results.
b. Normalizes the results as per AIOU rules in the light of IBCC/HEC guide lines.
c. Announces the Results of all level of programmes.
d. This section also updates the necessary changes (if required).
e. The Receipt & Issuance section also works under the result section.

4. Certificate & Degree Section
The Certificate & Degree Section provides the facilitation in below manners:
a. Deals with the National Printing Corporation of Pakistan for printing of the credentials as per guidelines of HEC.
b. It maintains the Blank Degrees and Transcripts of Awards.
c. Prepares the Completers/ DMC’s/ Provisional/ Certificates/ Diplomas/ Degrees.
d. Issues the Completers/ DMC’s/ Provisional/ Certificates/ Diplomas/ Degrees to the students after getting approval from the authorities.
e. Dispatches the same to the students on their respective addresses if undelivered keep in custody and maintain the record accordingly.

5. Verification Section
This section verifies the credentials from the record i.e. Certificates/Degrees/Diplomas or any document issued by the Examinations Branch time to time. The different modes of verifications are available as under.
• One window verification i.e. same day verifications
• Departmental verifications by Postal Mail
• International verifications by third party or via e-mail.

6. Face to Face Education
This section performs the duties in collaboration with Conduct Section and help out the Face to F ace Education and Examinations in the University.

7. Evaluation Section
The Evaluation section performs following:
• This section conducts the centralized evaluation process and arranges the evaluation/marking of Answer scripts of all ODL Mode Programmes.
• Issues the Notifications of Evaluators.

8. UMC Section
This section deals the Unfair Mean Cases across the board.

9. Exam Lab
This section deals with:
• Printing and dispatch of cut lists/attendance /memo.
• Printing of award lists of all courses.
• Punching of results/award list etc.

Assessment of students in both face to face and distance learning education system is made by two mode:
• Continuous Assessment
• Final Examination

1. Continuous Assessment:
1.1 Assignments
Students are required to do the assignments for each course. The marks obtained in the assignments contribute to the final course result. For successful completion of the course, it is imperative to obtain a prescribed percentage from Matric to PhD. Students failing in continuous assessment (assignments) are not eligible to appear in the final examination.

1.2 Purpose of Assignments
The main purpose of assignments is to test the student's comprehension of syllabus of course and books,
The students are advised to take the assignments seriously. A simple omission on their part may cause considerable loss to them, which can be avoided by exercising proper care.

1.3 Submission of Assignments
The students should submit complete answers to all assignments' questions by online and postal mode (as the case may be) in their own words and before submitting the assignments they should ensure that they have answered all questions in all assignments. All assignments are required to be submitted within due date and no assignment will be accepted after due date.

2. Final Examination
2.1 Need of Examination
Final examination is another component of overall assessment system of a course. Exams help the students to review their studies and see the course as a whole. At the end of each semester the University arranges a final written examination in each course on the set dates, usually at the convenient center established near the home town of students online mode can also be adopted if required.
The student are required to obtain minimum passing marks from Matric to PhD.

2.2 Viva Voce
In Post-Graduate Programme where thesis component is involved also carries weightage. After evaluation of the thesis by the external experts, the student has to appear before a viva-voce committee to defend the thesis.

3. Scheme of Study
It is important to note/ understand that all programmes/ courses are governed by the respective scheme of studies. Compliance of the same and relevant rules regulation is compulsory on the part of student to obtain certificate/degree.

4. General Information
4.1 Issuance of Roll No. Slips
The University upload the Roll Number Slips of the students to appear in the final examination in which Roll Number, Registration, address of examination center and dated on which paper is held are mentioned. If any student does not receive this intimation slip prior to the commencement of examinations or if there is any ambiguity in the contents of Roll. No. Slip. He/she may contact to the Deputy Controller Examination (Results) Block 3, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad or concerned Regional Office for obtaining duplicate Roll No. Slip. The same could also be got printed from AIOU Student’s CMS Dashboard: https://enrollment.aiou.edu.pk/

4.2 Change of Examination Centre:
The University does not entertain the request for change of Examination Centre except in exceptional circumstances wherein the student has genuine reasons for this change. For this he/she has to apply at least one month before the commencement of examinations. The student may also apply for change of his/her exam center from AIOU Student’s CMS Dashboard: https://enrollment.aiou.edu.pk/

4.3 Eligibility for Appearing in Examinations:
It is the duty of the student to check whether he/she is registered for particular course and whether he/she is eligible to appear for the examination or not. If he/she neglects this and takes the examinations without being eligible for it, his/her results shall stand cancel. The student must bring their National Identity Cards while appearing in the examination centers to prove his/her identity.

4.4 Declaration of Results of Examinations
The results of examinations are declared within prescribed time period after completion of examinations. The Results can be viewed/printed from AIOU students’ CMS dashboard https://enrollment.aiou.edu.pk/

5. Grading Scheme
The University has adopted the following grading scheme for its students from Autumn-2021 semester and onwards:

Percentage of Marks
Letter Grade
85% and above but below 100%
80% and above but below 85%
75% and above but below 80%
70% and above but below 75%
65% and above but below 70%
60% and above but below 65%
55% and above but below 60%
52% and above but below 55%
50% and above but below 52%
Below 50%

 Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees:

• On successful completion of the all required codal formalities and number of courses for a programme, the student has to apply to the Certificate & Degree Section of Examinations Department for the issuance of Certificate/Degree.
• The certificate/degree will issue to the student within the prescribed time period after submission of said fee along with required documents by the student.

• Examinations Department also verifies the document on request, after submission of verification fee in the bank and application on the prescribed Performa as per given procedure. 


The above is given for information only.Read prospectus and

 relevant documents carefully.

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